Greetings to all! 😀

This is my blog.

I’m an open-minded explorer on this adventurous journey of life. A unique expression of the Larger consciousness. An infinite being having a human experience for a little while. At least, that’s what I’ve concluded so far… who knows?

Learning is an addiction of mine. So are new experiences. Evolving my consciousness is also a huge part of my life focus. And I really enjoy connecting with similar souls.

This world is so strange and confusing to me. I’ve always felt like an alien here. Since I was a little human, I’ve felt out of place and like I could never truly relate to or connect with the other humans around me… not even my family.

It’s been a crazy, difficult, fun, boring ride so far… and I’m sure it will continue to be the same, unless life wants to throw me something totally new and out-there *wink wink*.

For now, I just keep moving forward, trying my best to figure stuff out. Why? I have no idea, lol. I would probably be a lot happier if I were content to not question things and just go along with the system. But I’m not, so here I am.


2 comments on “About

  1. Lovely to meet you and thank you for following New Earth Paradigm. I’ve been pretty unpredictable most of my life, too and you are absolutely right — most humans don’t like unpredictable. But times are changing and fluidity is the name of the game now, so you may begin to meet more unpredictable types with whom you can relate and maybe even talk. Glad you take solace in writing. I find it really helps me to sort things out sometimes. Blessings to you, Alia

    • Wow, it is just so lovely to meet you, too, Alia! You’re so wonderful, thank YOU. Yes! It is really amazing to witness how quickly things are beginning to change in our collective human conscious! And it seems as if it’s escalating as each day passes. Your post just blew me away, because I could totally relate to most everything that you wrote… and it was so interesting/exciting to see you coming to similar conclusions as me. And then, I read all the comments, and that was so uplifting to see that humans really ARE becoming more and more aware of the behind-the-scenes stuff that has been controlling us for so long. Such an encouraging post!!! I’m so glad you like to write and share your writings. 🙂 Yes, it helps me sort things out, also. Lots of love to you!

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