Psyche’s Core Ponderings

Reality and Societal programming since infancy. Religions, beliefs, ego, souls. Media and hive-mind control. Psychological/emotional/spiritual/physical/energetic manipulation… lies, half-truths, and disinformation. Extreme polarity thinking… Wrong and right, black and white, left and right. Brain filters… distorting the truth. Specific personality urges and desires. Instincts, intuition, and DNA codes.

What is going on here? What is the Big Picture? Why is Earth such a vast concoction of mixed up vibrations and energies? Where do I fit in to this seeming craziness? Who am I, anyways?

Lol, these are just a few questions and thoughts which have followed me extensively throughout my current existence.

Thankfully, I’m finally coming to a chapter in my story where all the collected puzzle pieces over the years are beginning to reveal a real, solid picture for me. Sort of. I think. Actually, I really don’t know anything for sure, lol. But I continue to explore, learn, analyze, and observe the strangeness around me, in hopes that one day it might make some kind of sense.

Anyway, this is my soul’s outlet. I am simply a soul-in-progress. And if anyone can relate to my journey and be encouraged by my randomness… then I’m truly grateful.


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