Favorites and Links


Innerstanding – Sevan Bomar’s youtube channel. I can’t even describe how much useful and important information is contained on this site. Balance… Wholeness… Awareness. Oh yeah!


Secret Energy – Open-source spirituality, brought forth by the wonderful Sevan Bomar and company. Deep, deep answers to age-old questions, and lots of free resources for the truth-seeker. One of the most comprehensive buffets of truth and reality I have ever found. It also offers the Innerversity courses, which I’m hoping to be able to study, soon.



The Higherside Chats – Great, awesome, open-minded podcasts not afraid to cover the most controversial and trippy topics out there! So real… so genuine… so informative… so brave! Go ahead, get your THC on.


Tricked by the Light – Wayne Bush connects the dots. What is the Light at the end of the death tunnel? What is the purpose of this matrix? What is the purpose of reincarnation? Are there clues in pop culture that point us to the truth? Dude makes a very fascinating case!


In 2 Worlds – An amazing site that has expanded my psyche in so many ways. Very thankful for the author, who has put herself and her strange ‘woo woo’ experiences out there for others to either relate to or learn from. Seriously, I’m amazed by her courage! Some of the topics she covers are Synchronicities, Parallel Timelines, Reality Glitches, Abductions & Mind Control, Number Sightings… and more! Also, she’s written a wonderful, in-depth book about many strange happenings in this world. Totally recommended!


Montalk.net – Another amazing site with just sooo much information!!! Again, I’m very thankful for the author for compiling and organizing such an incredible mass of data! I’ve learned sooo much from his work. Some of the topics on this site include Extraterrestrials and Hyperdimensional Aliens, Alternative Science, the Matrix, the New World Order, Spiritual Energy Farming… and more! This author has also written an amazing book, as well as put his whole website into book-form (2 Volumes worth). Open mind? Definitely take a look!


the Restaurant on the Edge of Time – OMG… one of my most favoritest stories of all time. Imagine having the ability to talk to other beings/humans in other dimensions or on other timelines with a Ouija board. Well, this guy can and does, and he records the sessions and writes them down. Not only can he contact other worlds through Ouija boards, he also travels out-of-body. This is a link to a place he often frequents in his travels… The Restaurant on the Edge of Time. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before…


http://www.unlimitedboundaries.ca/ – An incredible site full of Astral talk and ideas! I love, love, love this! Have learned so much from reading the info here. I’ve read so much about Astral Projection from so many places, and this has helped me more than anything I’ve ever read! The free E-book is valuable beyond words.


http://gatewaytogold.com/ – “Cracking the code to life’s greatest mysteries.” Excellent site! Very good stuff here… “The ancient mystery schools taught initiates how to properly use the law of cause and effect.  They also taught how to use duality for creative, win-win purposes.  Most important, they taught initiates how to eliminate disempowering beliefs and to free their minds.” Recommended reading and exploring.


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